Covers | 2013

Cars wrapped in pieces of cloth, pieces of cloth sewn to each other, the pieces of fabrics collected from any place and ultimately, large bulks in some cases, they are completely away from the theme attributed to them (car under tent). In the first encounter with these unconventional urban subjects,perhaps it might see like the picture of elephant in Piton Snake in the book Little Price. With a deeper view, perhaps it might imply some of the paintings of Rene Magritte; paintings the main subjects of which are concealed under plain fabrics; or cases when a piece of another picture has been cut and glued on the subject. A kind of camouflage. The overlap of inconsistent levels in the most complicated form, a visual allegory understanding its concept could be possible only through knowing the cultural ground the strange subject had been produced on it.The present piece is a product of several months of search in urban spaces in Tehran. This noisy metropolitan city in which cars play specific role. In this work, is the main subject; however, not a car with all its visual specifications and characteristics like an object, rather, cars which are shrank to their minimum form and are hidden under colorful tents- fabrics full of figures and floral designs with astonishing details and in some cases, with incomprehensible phrases on them. These colorful tents or large cloth are pieces of fabric cut from bed sheets, bed cover, and banners for advertisements which are sewn with care or in amateur form in conscious or non-conscious layouts to provide concerned surface for covering the main subject; and the only goal in producing them is to keep cheap cars which are found abundantly in south Tehran city. An understandable action by referring to the concepts of “idol-feature of commodity” the commodities dearer than life, commodities to keep, commodities to save with all their details and the interesting point in this production is to create a new object which achieves a new form for covering concerned item for protection; which has digested its inner contents in full; transforming into a new object in confronting the main object containing new visual attraction and new concept. Another allegory which could be used for interpreting this strange subject is a kind of return to tradition (sewing forty-piece bedspread) for protecting a modern commodity (automobile). A significant effort of  families that accommodate traditional texture of Tehran city (south Tehran) who seek their grandmother’s help to sew them forty-piece bedspread for safety of their small cars! Nevertheless, the story does not end here and the subject “cars concealed under colorful tents” like a closed allegory calls for a more detailed view and contemplation of the audience for perceiving the matter.